Custodial Care

shutterstock_72485047Instant and reliable voice communication between staff or between staff and inmates is an essential requirement of modern prisons – protecting officers and ensuring an adequate duty of care in today’s environment of low staffing levels.

CellGuard, developed and manufactured by Austco, the world’s most respected manufacturer of speech based call systems, is designed specifically for high security prisons.

CellGuard provides the complete audio communication solution in one reliable product, including officer duress, cell intercom, discrete monitoring, door intercom, background music distribution and public address announcements.

Our microprocessor TCP/IP technology, coupled with optic fibre data link, ensures immediate two way voice contact between inmates and officers. All data and voice links are digitally recorded at the gatehouse control, eliminating old fashioned tape decks and online printers.

An entire secure site can be monitored, actioned and administered from Central Control, the ‘heart’ of the system, or can be subcontracted to any Local Control  stations.

Each ‘Local Control’ is configured to operate via optic fibre to ‘Central’ and controls cell and door access intercoms in its cell block. Supervisory staff are able to make contact with any cell via the Local or Central Control handset. Public address announcements can be made in the same manner.

After hours cell block local control can be redirected to other local controls or central control. This redirection allows flexible staffing arrangements which can reduce expensive overtime and night shift costs.

Intercom panels and Officer Control Stations are of sturdy stainless steel construction and all intercoms, speakers and buttons are vandal proof and fluid resistant.

CellGuard also provides integrated prisoner entertainment with a selectable music channel available in each cell to comply with international treaty obligations on prisoner welfare.