Shareholder Communications Strategy


Azure Healthcare Limited (“Azure”) is committed to effective communication with its shareholders, market participants, customers, employees, suppliers, financiers, creditors, other stakeholders and the wider community. Azure will ensure that all stakeholders, market participants and the wider community are informed of its activities and performance. 

Azure will endeavour to make publicly available full information to ensure that trading in its shares takes place in an efficient, competitive and informed market.

This Communications Strategy contains Azure’s approach and commitment to communication.

1.1 Continuous disclosure

A fundamental component of Azure’s Communication Strategy is its continuous disclosure program. To enable continuous disclosure the Board has adopted a continuous Disclosure Compliance Policy.

1.2 Communications with the Australian Stock Exchange

All communication with the Australian Stock Exchange (“ASX”) will be in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules. The Company Secretary is responsible for communications with the ASX.

Information communicated to the ASX will also be placed on the Company’s website as soon as practicable.

Communication with shareholders and the market

The Azure Communication Strategy is designed to ensure that the Company:

  • provides timely and accurate information equally to all shareholders and market participants regarding Azure including its financial situation, performance, ownership, strategies, activities and governance; and
  • adopts channels for disseminating information that are fair, timely and cost-efficient.

In addition to those contained in the Disclosure Compliance Policy, Azure will implemented a number of processes to ensure achievement of these goals.

Company Meetings

The meetings of shareholders of the Company represent an excellent opportunity for the Company to provide information to its shareholders. The Company encourages attendance at, and participation in, general meetings.

The Company typically holds its annual general meeting in November each year in Melbourne, the location of the Company’s head office.

To encourage participation in general meetings, Azure has adopted Guidelines for Notices of Meetings. They provide procedures which the Company will follow to ensure that shareholders have the opportunity to attend and vote in a fully informed manner on the matters to be considered at general meetings.

Information on the website

Azure’s website is one of the cornerstones of the Company’s Communication Strategy with shareholders and the market. All information released to the ASX will be posted on the website as soon as practicable after the ASX has confirmed that it has received the information.


Azure recognises the importance of the relationship between Azure and its institutional investors, brokers and analysts.

Azure will from time to time conduct briefings to these groups. In these cases, the following protocols will apply:

  • material information which is required to be disclosed under the Disclosure Compliance Policy will not be disclosed at these briefings unless it has been previously, or is simultaneously, released to the market;
  • if material information which has not been disclosed is inadvertently released, the Company will immediately release it to the market via the stock exchange and place it on the Company’s website;
  • questions at briefings that deal with material information that has not previously been disclosed will not be answered; and
  • Azure will place a copy of the presentation material on the Company’s website.


Communication with employees

Azure recognises that its employees are central to the Company’s success. In order to enable staff to fulfil their role to the high standards required and to promote employee satisfaction, Azure aims to ensure effective communication with employees. Effective communication with employees starts with their direct manager and with accessibility to senior management. Informal communication forms an important part of the process. In addition, the Company will communicate directly and through the website to ensure that employees are informed of the activities of the Company.

Communications with other stakeholders

The Company is committed to ensuring that all stakeholders regularly receive information about the Company and its activities. While individual briefings may be held with key stakeholders such as financiers, the principal means of ensuring that the stakeholders to have access to information will be through the Company’s website.


The Company’s website is the primary means to provide information to all stakeholders. It has been designed to enable information to be accessed in a clear and readily accessible manner.

The following will be available on the Company’s website:

  • All announcements and releases to the ASX ;
  • Copies of presentations to shareholders, institutional investors, brokers and analysts where possible;
  • Any media or other releases;
  • All notices of meetings and explanatory material;
  • A copy of the Company’s most recent annual report as well as previous annual, half yearly and quarterly reports;
  • All of the Company’s codes, policies and charters. In order to ensure high standards of corporate governance AZURE has adopted a range of codes, charters and policies which ensure that the Company conducts itself in accordance with high ethical corporate standards. These codes, policies and charters are available on the website in the corporate governance section; and
  • Any other relevant information concerning non-confidential activities of the Company including business developments.

Additional information

If you have any questions arising from Azure Communications Strategy, please contact the Chief Executive Officer or Company Secretary.

Adopted (revised) by the Board on 3rd August 2012